Gnu York


the free vocabulary trainer

gnuVocabTrain 4.3 Features

  • the application is free of charge
  • application languages: German, English
  • every combination of languages can be set
  • synonyms are supported
  • synonyms can be grouped by their meaning
  • different sample modes
  • Learning by Playing (Games): "Vocabulary Memory" and "Assign vocabulary cards"
  • statistics of your learning success
  • comfortable vocabulary editor
  • accessibility tools for typing special characters (latin, cyrillic, greek, arabic, hebraic and user-defined characters)
  • user-defined shortcuts can be used to enter often used words or special characters
  • settings can be stored in profiles
  • Import/Export of profiles and vocabulary files (even files of other vocabulary trainer applications)
  • no complex installation (no administrator rights required), just extract the .zip file and launch the programme
  • for Windows there is also a version that includes an installer
  • the programme requires almost no disk space (<1MB)
  • the application informs you about updates and is able to update itself automaticly
You are missing a feature or have any suggestions?
Send us an email or visit our IRC channel! We will add the feature. :)