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gnuThumbnailer - Image Batch Processing

gnuThumbnailer is a thumbnail generator and an image batch processing tool. The following tasks can be performed by gnuThumbnailer.

Create Thumbnails

  • create fixed size thumbnails - it may be necessary to crop the edges of the images - you have to choose which part of the image should be left over
  • create fixed size thumbnails which are not cropped - Instead of cropping, colored borders are added to the thumbnails - you have to set the color (transparency is also possible) of the borders as well as the position of the picture
  • create scaled thumbnails - you have to set a maximum width and a maximum height for the thumbnails - the input images will be resized to fit these values - so the thumbnails will be different sized, nothing will be cropped and no borders will be added

Image processing settings

You can use the following features to manipulate your images:
  • Images can be flipped and rotated by a user-defined angle
  • Images can be rotated automatically, if they contain EXIF data
  • Images can be stained (sepia effect, grayscale, user-defined color)
  • The colors of images can be overlaid
  • This function can also be used to make images lighter or darker
  • You can add a colored or a transparent border to your images
  • You can add a water sign to your pictures

Some technical information

  • gnuThumbnailer speaks English and German (just click the flag icon in the main menu to switch between the languages)
  • gnuThumbnailer is light in weight - the application requires only 2.5 MB of hard disk space
  • gnuThumbnailer runs under Windows and Linux
  • gnuThumbnailer requires the Java runtime environment (which can be downloaded here for free)
  • gnuThumbnailer can create images up to a resolution of 100 megapixels
  • If you want to have large thumbnails, the program requires lots of memory, but two gigabytes of free RAM should be sufficient to create really large images.


gnuThumbnailer is free for private usage. If you want to use the application for commercial purposes, you have to buy a licence. The price for the license is not fixed. You choose it, because you know better than anyone else what this software is worth to you. Please send an e-mail to support[at] to buy a license file.

Private users who want to support the development of the software are also welcome to buy a license.

Thanks for using gnuThumbnailer.